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Niagara AX Supervisor



The EasyIO AX Supervisor is a flexible network server used in applications where multiple EasyIO JACE controllers will be networked together (EasyIO SoftJACE, JACE-300E, JACE-600E and JACE-700).

The EasyIO AX Supervisor serves real-time graphical information displays to standard web browser clients and also provides server-level functions such as: centralized data logging, archiving, alarming, real time graphical displays, master scheduling, system-wide database management, and integration with enterprise software applications. In addition, the EasyIO AX Supervisor provides a comprehensive, graphical engineering tool set for application development.

oBIX is now included with the EasyIO AX Supervisor as a means of integrating Niagara based Release 2 JACEs. With release 2.3.522 or greater, the oBIX driver can be added to expose all data points, schedules, trends and alarms to an EasyIO AX Supervisor. This oBIX driver is both a client and a server.


  • Java-enabled user interface (UI) as well as a non-Java UI for browsers
  • Supports an unlimited number of users over the internet / intranet with a standard web browser, depending on the host PC resources
  • Optional enterprise-level data archival using SQL, Oracle or DB2 database, and HTTP/HTML/XML text formats
  • Audit Trail of database changes, database storage and backup, global time functions, calendar, central scheduling, control, and energy management routines
  • Alarm processing and routing, including e-mail and paging
  • Provides access to alarms, logs, graphics, schedules, and configuration data with a standard web browser
  • Password protection and security using standard Java authentication and encryption techniques with optional security supported via an external LDAP connection
  • HTML-based help system with comprehensive online documentation
  • Supports multiple JACEs stations connected to a local Ethernet network, or the Internet
  • Provides online/offline use of the Niagara Framework WorkPlace AX graphical configuration tool and a comprehensive Java Object Library
  • Optional direct Ethernet based driver support for BACnet I/P, OPC (Client), Modbus TCP, and SNMP; additional point blocks for each driver may be purchased in blocks of 500 for each protocol
  • A Small Building System version is available for support of a system with up to three JACEs
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Niagara AX 


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