Hotel Indoor & Outdoor Station


Hotel Indoor & Outdoor Station
Product code: H-242 Indoor Station & H-243 Outdoor Station

The Smart Temp Hotel Door Stations have been produced to
compliment the range of Smart Temp thermostats and
automatic occupancy systems when used in the rental
accommodation industry.

These attractive touch screen panels are designed to
compliment the decor’ of the hotel room and to provide the
guests with a simple and convent way to set the room to
private (Do Not Disturb) or to request house keeping to make
up the room.

The door stations backlit display automatically changes colour
to indicate the rooms occupancy state when connected to a
suitable occupancy system such as the Smart Temp OC-3D
occupancy monitor. When the room is occupied the wall
station back light is white (red when set to “Do Not Disturb”)
and off when the room is empty, enabling hotel staff to easily
note when the room is occupied before approaching the room.

A pleasant “Ding Dong” style door bell is also provided which is
automatically disabled when the room is set to “Do Not

The Door Stations are very simply wired, being powered via
24VAC with the 2 panels (inside and outside) being easily
connected via a ribbon cablewith Rj12 connectors.

Key Benefits:

- Aesthetic Design
- Backlit touch panels
- Integrated Door Bell
- Do Not Disturb &
- Make Up Room indication
- Safe, 24V powered.