Flush mount, 230VAC thermostat, for Fan Coil B.M.S. Applications, with ECM motor fan and Modbus protocol.

The FMHC220-VFS-FC-MDB-01 allows users to have one main controller with an EC motor fan for most Fan Coil applications.
It can be flush-mounted or installed directly into the Fan Coil, with an external sensor for the return air.
The FMHC220-VFS-FC-MDB-01 also offers a special input for 1 of 4 options:
Auto-change over sensor, where the incoming water temperature dictates the Mode.
Contact input for a remote switch changes the Mode of one or many thermostats linked together.
Contact input for a remote switch, which activates Economy mode.
Contact input to Turn OFF units.

• Flush-Mount, 230VAC Thermostat
• Can be connected to:
  - 2 pipe systems
  - 4 pipe systems
- No valves systems
• Configurable 0-10VDC ECM proportional band
• Lock buttons
• Set point limits