EasyIO touch screen display 3.5″


The FG-LCD is a smart and cost effective touch screen interface to display real time status information and modify points values on a building control system. The LCD is a touch screen display which is very easy to use for different users. It works in latest Sedona Framework and interfaces seamless with all Sedona based devices and makes information accessible from all systems connected to these devices.


The FG-LCD can interface with up to 18 devices at any point in time. A device can be an EasyIO controller, a JACE or Niagara AX Supervisor.


The Sedona devices must have the EasyIO-FG-LCD kit installed inside its Sedona platform in order to communicate with the LCD display. For a JACE or Supervisor, you need to install the EasyIOLcd.jar in the modules directory in the JACE or Supervisor.


To connect the FG-LCD to devices you need to use a CAT5 cable (straight). With the RJ45 connectors and for the power, a normal power cable will be used.



  • Touch screen with sharp color display
  • Sedona FrameworkTM support
  • View and edit points
  • Supports multiple data types e.g. Boolean, integer, float
  • Ethernet based
  • Simple configuration/setup on both Sedona devices and LCD display
  • Easy Firmware upgrade
  • Real Time Data upgrade
  • Small form factor
  • Accessible up to 600 points per controller
  • Access to multiple controller
  • Cost effective upgrade in project phase
  • Minimum effort for system transfer from existing EasyIO product
  • Simplified control of maintenance / facility team
  • Watchdog governed to prevent system abnormality
  • Simple and clean GUI
  • Communicates with all Sedona devices (EasyIO-FG-LCD kit)


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