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EasyIO FG-32+ Controller


Product code: EASYIO-FG-32+


The EasyIO FG+ series of Sedona controllers are freely programmable, internet-ready field controllers. They support multi concurrent protocols and services such as BACnet, Modbus, TCOM, web services and both server and client services. Besides that, they can be programmed live, with free software CPT Tools.


The range complies with the Internet of Things by interfacing directly to cloud services, without an additional gateway or server. To power the application, the FG+ series have a dual ARM processor engine and also a built-in web server (HMTL5, PHP, SQL).


Another exciting feature, is the openness, and its web friendly tools to enable third party tools to be deployed in addition to the workbench that we are all familiar with today. This platform meets the needs of simple control requirements and complex HVAC plants, such as chiller sequencing and rooftop control.


The FG+ series change the way Building Automation is deployed. Especially in multiple facilities and locations where a starter package can be deployed quickly, and cost-effectively, without any additional hardware or middleware.


This range of FG+ controllers allows the industry to extend their reach deeper and wider into all kinds of energy performance solutions. Ranging from retail stores, schools, residential, hospitals, smart grid and so on.



  • ARM 9 S3C2410 200 MHz Main Processor
  • M3 Cortex Processor for the I/O
  • 16 Mbyte NOR Flash
  • 64 Mbyte SDRAM
  • SD Card Reader
  • 1 × 10/100 Ethernet Port
  • 1 × Mini USB
  • 2 × RS485
  • Real-Time Clock
  • SuperCap Apps Backup
  • 24 V AC/DC Power
  • Hardware Security ID
  • 16 × Universal inputs
  • 8 × Digital outputs with LED for status
  • 8 × Universal outputs (200 mA sink for switching relays)
  • Remote Flash Upgrades
  • HTML5 + PHP + SQL Web Server on board!


  • Power! – 2 ARM processors, main processor increased to 400 MHz
  • Memory/Storage – SD Card and massive history storage
  • Supports BACnet, TCOM, Modbus and Web Services
  • Fills a Gap in the market, between an Area controller and the EasyIO 30P controller
  • HTML5 Graphics! – iPad friendly


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