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Dali Modbus TCP gateway


Product code: SH-M090


The SH-M090 is a serial converter which acts as a Modbus TCP server (accepts Modbus TCP commands) and controls a DALI (Digital Addressable Light Interface) bus with up to 64 DALI devices. It incorporates a web interface for manual entering of DALI commands inclusive bus configuration and diagnostic commands. This converter is full substitute for previous type M090.


The SH-M090 acts as a multi master of the DALI bus (according EN 60929 ed. 4:2011 Annex E, static priority 4, setting time 16 ms, retry timeout 300 ms), and provides the power supply for the bus.The Modbus and web commands are translated into DALI protocol telegrams and sent to the DALI devices. The responses from the light controllers are translated back to Modbus registers and available at the corresponding addresses.


The DALI bus supports up to 64 light controller addresses, up to 16 scenes, and up to 16 groups. Wire length and diameter must always be respected! For the complete overview of the DALI bus specification, see e.g. digitalilluminationinterface.org (DALI manual).


The DALI bus uses 22.5 V operation voltage.


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