Cylon Unitron driver for Jace 8000 - Supervisor


Tridium Niagara driver allows to connect to Unitron LAN port and communicate with Cylon programmable controllers UC32 and programmable unitary controllers UCU. This way Cylon systems could be upgraded with Niagara graphics or integrated with a variety of BMS protocols supported by Niagara.

Cylon Unitron device points and schedules are imported into Niagara automatically without complex engineering. They retain their names, types and unit facets, which greatly simplifies the integration process.

Key features
Communicates via Unitron TCP/IP with all Unitron32 series controllers
Supports UC32 and unitary UCU models
Enables point read and write
Allows hardware input-output override
Supports automatic device and point discovery
Time schedule import, export, editing
Could be used simultaneously with existing Cylon front-end
Ideal for retrofit application