Why Bullzeye?


There comes a time in any business, that the entrepreneur or Board of Directors realizes that they need advice and are wondering; "Should we hire Bullzeye?"

And, as with most things in life, the answer is, "It depends."

Unlike your own employees, consultants are independent and impartial and are hired on a temporary or on a project basis.

Did you start a new company/business and it expands very fast or not fast enough?
Are there signs, symptoms that trouble you?
Should the efficiency increase and wastage be reduced?
There is a clear need for positioning and making goals clear for the company or department?
Processes must be improved and secured in the company?

In all the above examples (and many more of course) a preliminary meeting with Bullzeye is the first step towards an effective result and a cost effective way to utilize our specialized knowledge.

The threshold for an entrepreneur to decide to seek the help of Bullzeye is very low, nonexistent say.

Clarity in joint objectives
A cooperation with Bullzeye is a cost effective way to have additional knowledge and skills within your company. One way to get a fresh, objective and professional view on joint objectives.

Here are the three most common reasons why our customers turn to Bullzeye for assistance:

  • To analyze problematic 'symptoms':
    In many cases, a business problem 'symptoms' observed, such as a decline in sales, or cash-flow problems and internal management are not adequately able to locate the source of the problem. In this case Bullzeye can observe and monitor your activities, do some tests and examine and expose the root of the problem.
  • Finding the root cause:
    No plaster on the wounds or a pill from the doctor. Bullzeye goes for healing. We are going for elimination or (at least) minimization of the root causes. Results count.
  • Optimization and assurance:
    We focus on optimizing processes and procedures, but just as important that there is no 'drop' is to old behavior. Called securing results.


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