N4 Drivers (AX available)


Even more drivers (press here)

1. All drivers could be deployed on JACE and, often, on Supervisor. Licenses are bound to JACE or Supervisor Host IDs, please provide them when ordering.
2. Drivers for building management system are licensed based on the number of points; drivers for smart devices are licensed based on the number of devices. OCPP driver is licensed based on the number of connectors -- EV charging plugs. EV chargers can have 1, 2 or more plugs each.
3. Drivers for JACE are licenced for a certain number of points or devices. For Supervisor please order one main license and any number of extra licenses. E.g. to deploy Sauter driver on Supervisor with 1500 points, order one DR-N4-EY2-SUP and two DR-N4-EY2-SUP-500 licenses.
4. All drivers are compatible with all OEM versions of Niagara JACE: Vykon JACE, Honeywell Hawk, Trend TONN, JCI FX, Distech Controls EC-Net, GC5 etc.
5. Licenses and prices for legacy Niagara AX and legacy JACEs (JACE2, JACE3, JACE6) are available on request.
6. No returns accepted after the license code has been issued. License transfer is only allowed in case of host failure providing manufacturer confirmation letter with RMA number.
7. Free trial versions of drivers are available.
8. This list is valid until the end of 2021.